AKC Registration #PRXXXXXXX                                        Date of Birth: 00/00/2019

Breed: Toy Poodle             Color: Black                                 Sex:  Female              Spayed/Neutered:  No                      Intact: Yes

 Registration Type:              Limited: Yes                                Unrestricted:  No

DAM:____________________________________________                                                                                                                                 AKC Number:  PRXXXXXXX

SIRE: ______________________________________                                                                                                                   AKC Number: PRXXXXXXX

The puppy described above is to be purchased under the following terms and conditions of sale:

1.  The agreed upon purchase price of $________ is to be remitted in the following manner: The $100 deposit is required to hold the puppy and was received 00/00/2019 and will be applied against the final purchase price.  An additional $_________  will be added to balance due to cover air transportation and insurance through the carrier ___________________.  Remaining balance of $_________will be paid by personal check, cashiers check or cash.  A separate receipt for total amount paid will be issued upon completion of payment at which time puppy will be delivered. No other arrangements or modifications to this agreement have been made except as annotated directly above the seller's signature block and initialed by the purchaser.

2.  This puppy was examined by a licensed veterinarian on 00/00/2017 and found to be in good health.  The health of the         above puppy is guaranteed for one week from date of receipt.  The new owner agrees to have the pup examined by a               licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of taking possession.  If, on examination by the veterinarian, it is determined that the         puppy is anything but "in good health" due to illness or health problems that originated prior to receipt, the purchaser has         the option of a full refund or similar replacement puppy if available, after returning puppy.  Proof of the above health              exception must be made in writing by the examining veterinarian, and may not be due to injury or mishandling of the puppy    after receipt.  No exchange or refund will be made after this 7 day period.  The cost of shipping the puppy to or from                destination is borne entirely by the purchaser, as is the cost of the veterinarian examination. 

3.  After the puppy is boarded on a plane or any other conveyance, the seller assumes no further responsibility not specifically           stated in this document.  This includes airline kenneling fees, veterinary medical fees, mortality in transport, landlord                     disapproval, family disputes, allergy to animals and other reasons not agreed upon specifically and annotated at the bottom       of this contract.  It  is recommended that arrangements be made with the airline to insure this animal during flight.

4.  No size or color guarantee is made for this puppy. This puppy is sold as a pet only.


I, the undersigned purchaser understand and agree to the above terms and conditions of sale and accept full responsibility for the health and well being of the above puppy.  

PURCHASER:_______________________________                SELLER: _____________________________________

ADDRESS:_________________________________                 ADDRESS:____________________________________

CITY/STATE/ZIP: ____________________________                CITY/STATE/ZIP:_______________________________

PHONE: __________________________________                 PHONE:______________________________________

Amendments or Annotations: 

Purchaser Signature:____________________________              Seller Signature: _______________________________

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